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Trigger Point and Referred Pain


The Physiology of a Trigger Point:  The Muscle fiber that does the contracting is a microscopic unit called a sarcomere.  Contraction occurs in a sarcomere when it’s two parts come together and interlock like fingers.  A trigger point exists when over stimulated sarcomeres are chemically prevented from releasing from their interlocked state.

A Microscope View:

The drawing represents several muscle fibers within a trigger point.  This is based on a microscopic photograph of an actual trigger point.

This particular trigger point would cause a headache over your left eye and sometimes at the very top of your head.


Letter A:  A normal muscle fiber in a normal state

Letter B: Is a knot in a muscle fiber

Letter C:  Part of the muscle fiber that extends from the contraction of a knot to the muscle’s attachment.

·       Resulting oxygen starvation

·       Accumulation of waste product of metabolism irritates (trigger point). The trigger point responds to this emergency by sending out pain signals.



Referred pain:

Trigger points send pain to other sites and can be mistaken for other pain until trigger point therapy is used to treat the location of pain.

Research has shown that trigger points are the primary cause of 75% of the time and are at least a part of nearly every pain problem.

Trigger Points Cause:

·       Headaches

·       Neck and jaw pain

·       Low back pain

·       Tennis elbow

·       Carpal tunnel

·       Dizziness

·       Earaches

·       Sinusitis

·       Nausea

·       Heartburn

·       False heart pain

·       Heart arrhythmia

·       Genital pain

·       Numbness in hands and feet

·       Even Fibromyalgia may have its beginnings with myofascial trigger points



Source of pain in:

Joints as the shoulder
Often mistaken for arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, or ligament injury.

Massage of the trigger point flushes the tissue and helps the trigger point’s contracted begin to release.  With trigger point massage myofascial pain can be eliminated within three to ten days.  Long standing chronic conditions can be improved in as little as six weeks.


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